Dutch Design Beads

Bead the ordinary


Our bracelets are made of natural semi-precious gemstone beads. The stones that are commonly used in Dutch Design bracelets are for example amazonite, sodalite, lava rock, riverstone, tiger-eye etc. Some of our bracelets are made of wooden beads. In almost every bracelet there is a silver finished bead to make it a bit more special. This silver finished bead is a zinc-based alloy.


The gemstone beads are very colourful and are tested against water and heat. Although they won't lose many of their properties we recommend you to stay away from water, soap and heat as much as you can.


The cord is made of elastic and is pre stretched. This will make the cord very strong but we recommend to not over stretch it because then you risk to break it. In order to maximize the lifespan of your bracelets, we suggest that you try to keep away from water and soap etc. as much as you can.